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Hello Ladies and Gents! My name is actually not Annie Horan. My real name is super secret and I'm not going to tell you! My intention of this blog is going to be to write an biased experince of my life in Richmond, Virginia. It's a cool town. Lots of tattoos. A mix of everything from alteranative people to hippies to frat boys and everything in between. We have things like The Watermelon Festival one week, then people walking down the street in full Civil War era attire the next!

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I've lived here for 10 years and find something new every day. The people are generally friendly... as long as you stay away from the bad areas (if you live here you know what areas I'm referring to). And the food is epic! Buzz and Neds anyone? Black Sheep? Hello! If you would like to follow me and my random blog habbits then that's cool (and if not, no big deal...this blog is for FUN). Hopefully I entertain you a bit along the way! The only request I have is do not comment about my spelling or grammar because I don't give a crap if I write and/or type like a cross-eyed third grader. I didn't go to college for writing (as you'll soon find out) so stop judgin'. I have my diploma and don't need a spelling nazi hanging over my head. If you have something FUN or EXCITING to add then that's more than cool!

Also, I may blog 10 times in a month and not again for 4 months. Again, this is MY BLOG, it's more of an outlet than anything else. I'm not trying ot get ranked, or make a ton of cash being a blogger, or be a local celebrity (that's why you will NOT see my image on here). I just wanted a creative outlet to express my joys (and frustrations!) about this crazy city I live in.

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Who knows, maybe some lone traveler will stumble on my blog and learn to love Richmond as much as I do! I may pass you on my basket-bike on the Capital Trail (my bike is super-awesome by the way!) or I may walk by you at Maymont Park. You will never know will you! Is it weird that I take great joy in the fact that I'm keeping my identity a secret? Everything today is publicized on the web SO EASILY and I just want to get away from all that mess!

Speaking of lone travelers: a couple warnings. Richmond is a cool town but if you really want to be a "lone traveler" please do not be one of those stupid girls that gets drunk and tries to walk home alone. I see these idiots staggering around at 2:05 AM down my street (bars close at 2 AM...coincidence or no?). Richmond is generally a safe place, but sometimes it's hard to keep stupid people safe. I've had at least 3 friends mugged from doing stupid stuff like walking home alone at night in the past couple weeks. Also, lock up your bike and other valuables! SERIOUSLY! I've lost bikes, we've all lost bikes, let's not lose anymore bikes! I hate to say it but things that are not bolted down have a habit of walking away.

If you have a Duck Man (not kidding) sighting then please be friendly. Duck Man is a nice guy, but I would still recommend not making too much interaction with him. He does have a tendency to follow people around once they respond back to his quacking. 'Quacking' you say? Yes. He quacks at you to get your attention. It can be pretty entertaining, but stay respectful. He's been here for YEARS so he's like a stable to the VCU area.

Hmmm...what else for my first post? I know! How about some things Richmond is known for?

pony pasture richmond va.jpg

1. The Civil War - okay, so, the Civil War doesn't scream "club night" but it is kind of cool to think that our Nations history was faught on the very spot we do have club night probably had a different meaning then though... Belle Isle used to be a prison for Union soldiers, and now people sunbathe, swim, and drink on the rocks surrounding the island. Quite a different atsmosphere now!

2. The Richmond Raceway - Again, not my cup of tea but if you dig short dudes with hot wives getting paid millions to drive in a circle then you may want to move here... just sayin....

3. Tattoos - Ok, this one IS my cup of tea! Richmond is one of the most Tatted-up cities in the United States. Take a look around and scope some ink! There is literally a shop on every corner, but that doesn't mean that every shop is GOOD. Richmond is a huge art-centered city. Everyone thinks they're an amazing tattoo artist (when the truth is you shouldn't let at least half of them near you with a 10 foot pole!)

4. Beer - Yup, good old beer. We have a ton of micro-breweries. Google "micro-breweris in Richmond Virginia" and see what comes up, you will NOT be disappointed!

5. The Mountains (and Beach!) are just a short drive away - So, this is actually pretty cool.... Feel like hitting the beach? Just a short trip down 64 East. How about the moutains? 64 West it is! Hit those mountains at Skyline Drive in the fall. B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L (with my best Jim Carry impression).

6. The River - I would not eat any fish out of the James River, but it's nice to hit the rocks on a sunny day with your pals. Good times! Check out the Pony Pastures and Texas Beach, too! There are a ton of bike trails that wind through there as well that are worh checking out, too!

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