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These past few weeks around RVA


Hardywood hosted another Twilight 4 Miler run this year, which combined one of my favorite things and one of my LEAST favorite things. Beer and running. Can you guess which is which? Hardywood gave a free beer to anyone who completed the run, which honestly wasn't that bad of a trek when you consider things like the Monument Avenue 10k... which is 10k. There was, of course, a nice little block party at the end too, which meant more beer, delicious food truck eats and some awesome live music, in Hardywood's usual style.


Local celebrity of American Idol fame, Rayvon Owen, had a nice little parade in the middle of the

day last Friday. Why they would hold a parade on a Friday afternoon, I have no

idea, but I suppose it was fun for those who could attend, and Rayvon was probably happy to be back around his hometown to enjoy a break from the competition. Top 4! Impressive.


Saturday and Sunday, Byrd Park hosted its annual Arts in the Park festival, which has been a Richmond tradition for 44 years. Painters and sculptors and crafters and bakers and knitters and artists of all kinds, along with lots of delicious food trucks, drew HUGE crowds of humans (and their canine companions). Such a beautiful weekend for it, too! I got a pretty good haul of handmade goodies, plus some delicious deep fried junk food, because who could say no to that?!

All in all, RVA has been a pretty decent city for the past couple of weeks. The weather has cooperated just at the right times, although the rainy days and cold nights have been a little unsatisfactory. But that's just what you get used to when you've been living in Richmond for so long. The most inconsistent, indecisive weather ever.

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