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So here's the deal. I am part of a trivia league team that meets every week in Carytown and, not to brag, but we're pretty fantastic. Alright so yeah, I'm bragging. We've been in first place for a pretty good stretch, only to be knocked back by a team of about 20 random people who I'm going to assume are constantly cheating because who could possibly have more useless knowledge in their heads than me and my friends?! Google is clearly on their team. Anyway, I digress.


Trivia is pretty awesome. I'd say it's about midway between the difficulty levels of Trivia Crack and Jeopardy. Our team is pretty solid, we're all good friends, and we get to hang out one night a week for a couple hours, share a pitcher or two of beer and pig out on pizza and appetizers. I highly recommend it - just not where we play, because we don't need any more competition to destroy. Ha!

There are six of us on our team, and we've all got our specialties. We've got all the major categories covered: sports, movies, music, SCIENCE! (you have to yell it, you just do), and oddly enough, US Presidents (this category comes up a lot more often than you'd think). It is a little stressful sometimes finding out how competitive your friends are, and how snappy they can get in a pinch, but hey, it builds character. Right?

I'm just mad we missed out on the opportunity to call ourselves "ActRivia", because puns clearly make for the greatest trivia team names.

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